A Guide to Getting your Philippine Passport

A passport is an important recipe for you to travel. Moreover, our passports is one of the most legitimate and valid primary IDs so getting one is actually a win-win for all of us. The traditional way of getting a passport is by bringing all of your requirements to a local DFA satellite or to […]

PRC Board Examination Online Application: A Detailed Guide

Ever had the interest in taking the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) examination? Ever wondered what type of professionalism you’ll get when you pass the said assessment? If yes, good news for you because recently, the agency allowed online applications to lighten the process of people to be able to register for the examination. The PRC […]

How do you Apply and Register for the CSC-Computerized Examination?

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) exams have two (2) modes: The Written Exam and the Computerized Exam. Usually, the test forms are actually dependent on the level of difficulty of the exams. In addition to that, the two (2) options have the same time limit and the same number of questions. Although that’s the case, […]

10-Day Paid Leave Being Pushed in the Senate

As workers here in the Philippines, we are entitled to have vacation, sick, and emergency leaves. However, as per the Labor Code, our employer is the one to decide on how many leaves we will have. So, we are out their mercy because no specific number of days are said by them. Even though that’s […]

Who are Entitled to Receive a 13th Month Pay?

It’s December and people are looking forward to two (2) things: The Holidays and their bonuses and 13th month pays. A lot of people have inquiries as to what the 13th month pay is and whether or not they can get it. In this article, we will be detailing what the 13th month pay is and […]

Who are Exempted in taking the Civil Service Exam – Complete List

People who are yearning for a position in the government bodies are required to pass the Civil Service Exam before applying for a position. However, a lot of people are unaware that there are exemptions as regards to be certified in the government service. We will expound on that later on. For people who are looking to […]

Philippine National Police (PNP) Modified Base Pay Schedule 2019

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is the civilian Armed National Forces of our country. Their salary grades or their levels of salary is part of the implementation of the Congress Joint Resolution. The said resolution aims to increase the base pay of both the military and the uniformed personnel of the government and other agencies […]

Philippine National ID: How can you Get your Phil ID?

Due to the fact that it has been talked about for years now, our government decided to make it a reality. Just like other countries, the Philippines will now have their own national ID for transactions and for a uniform identification system. In this article, we will be discussing what the Philippine National ID (Phil […]