Different Job Opportunities from Different Philippine Government Departments

Are you interested in securing a job in the government or public sector? Many people dream of working for the government because other than the fact that they can get a ton of benefits, it’s also a path of profession which allows them to serve their fellowmen. However, it’s kind of difficult to look for […]

Who are Exempted in taking the Civil Service Exam – Complete List

People who are yearning for a position in the government bodies are required to pass the Civil Service Exam before applying for a position. However, a lot of people are unaware that there are exemptions as regards to be certified in the government service. We will expound on that later on. For people who are looking to […]

Helpful Techniques and Tips to Pass the Civil Service Exam

Here in the Philippines, working for the government will require you to pass certain tests and assessments before you can actually have a position in the government. Moreover, these assessments and tests are taken seriously and the hopefuls’ preparations are extreme. Why they do that isn’t a question since passing it would make them eligible to […]