School Assignment for the March 17 Civil Service Exam

Are you planning to take the Civil Service Exam this year? If yes, then yo should have submitted the required documentation needed to push with the exam. This is for the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to validate and check whether or not you are eligible to take it. But what school do you need to […]

CSC Releases the Schedule of Computerized Career Service Exams for the 1st Half of 2019

Good news for those who are planning to take the Civil Service Commission Computerized Career Service Examination (CSC-COMEX) this year. The CSC released the thirteen (13) schedules of the COMEX for the first part of this year. To give you a brief refresher, the CSC COMEX is the computerized system or mode of administration of […]

How do you Apply and Register for the CSC-Computerized Examination?

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) exams have two (2) modes: The Written Exam and the Computerized Exam. Usually, the test forms are actually dependent on the level of difficulty of the exams. In addition to that, the two (2) options have the same time limit and the same number of questions. Although that’s the case, […]