PSA’s PhilSys Registry Office is Looking For Members of the Pilot Registration

As we all know, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is a combination of many agencies and offices. One of which is the PhilSys Registry Office (PRO). Currently, they are on the call looking for individuals who are qualified to be members of the Pilot Registration of the National ID System. They are on the hunt […]

PSA, Davao to be One of the First to Roll Out the National ID Registration

As most might have known, our country’s governance wants to implement better and easier services for employees. It has been a dilemma for people who are looking for a job to secure a lot of government-verified identification and the like. This is why our dear President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Republic Act (R.A.) 11055 or also […]

Notice to the Public of the PSA About the National ID Registration

Since last year, we have been made aware of a couple of things and major changes that our country. Earlier this year, our dearest President Rodrigo Duterte has been signing bills into laws such as the Universal Health Care Bill and the Maternity Leave Expansion/Extension. However, for the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly the National […]

Philippine National ID: How can you Get your Phil ID?

Due to the fact that it has been talked about for years now, our government decided to make it a reality. Just like other countries, the Philippines will now have their own national ID for transactions and for a uniform identification system. In this article, we will be discussing what the Philippine National ID (Phil […]