Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act – Everything you Need to Know

Just recently, the K to 12 programs has been implemented in the curriculum of the Basic Education. The K to 12 programs allow children who just graduated Senior High School (SHS) to apply for jobs, given that they are in the right age. However, back on the 21st of July 2016, Republic Act No. 10911 […]

Magna Carta of the Poor, Signed by President Duterte

The Philippines have a somehow high rate of poverty. Although last year, the rate of poverty in the country substantially saw a decline, the Philippines can’t still be considered a first-world country because of the poverty rate. Since the last data of poverty, the government had a targeted declination to 13 to 15 percent. To […]

I Won’t Allow 2 Plates on Motorcycles, Duterte

After a long time of debating between the people who authored a specific bill, and the people who experience it on a daily basis, our dear President, Rodrigo Duterte, finally made his stand and statement about this specific issue. Our dear President said that it’s quite a ridiculous thing to see a motorcycle bearing two […]