SSS Maternity Benefits Could Reach 70,000 Per Member

As we all know, the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines is existent to provide assistance to working members of the society. It could be to aid the people in poverty, those who need temporary financial assistance, soon-to-be-mothers, those who are sick, the usual types of people who need financial aid. In terms of […]

The New and Updated SSS Contribution Table to be Effective in April 2019

Since the news broke out about the Social Security System (SSS) increasing to a 12 percent contribution, a lot of people responded, wondering how the contribution table will look like. No worries, the Social Security System did not leave us hanging. In their Official Facebook Page, they informed every private sector worker on how the […]

A Rise to 12% in the SSS Contribution Rate to be Effective in April

In previous posts, we expressed the thoughts and the plans of the government in hiking the Social Security System (SSS) contribution rate. As a matter of fact, this has been emphasized on and has been in the books for quite some time now because they were not sure how impacting the changes will be. Read: […]

Jobless Insurance from the SSS, On Its Way

Ever heard of an insurance for the unemployed? Wouldn’t that type of benefit be useful for Filipinos who just recently lost a job and is striving to look for one? If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then you should be happy because the insurance for the jobless Filipinos from the SSS had a bicam nod […]

SSS Pensioners to Receive Their 13th Month Pay/Pension Starting the 29th of November

As per the Social Security System (SSS), they already sent out both the December and 13th month pension of pensioners to partner banks. The amount of these is nearly P22 billion and will be given to the pensioners starting the 29th of November but not later than the 7th of December, 2018. Emmanuel F. Dooc,┬áSSS […]