Duterte Signs Into Law That Declares Sept. 8 as a Special Working Holiday

Good news to students and workers! President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law Republic Act (R.A.) 11370 or also known as the Act Declaring Sept. 8 of Every Year a Special Working Holiday in the Entire Country to Commemorate the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This new law was duly signed by […]

Lower Electricity Cost, Signed Into Law by President Duterte

Many Filipinos have been dreaming of this moment; when the country will experience cheaper electricity cost. This became a reality when our dearest President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act (R.A.) 11371 or also known to be the Murang Kuryente Act last August 8, 2019. R.A. 11371 or the Act reducing electricity rates by allocating a […]

Hotline 911 Calls Are Now Free; Pranksters Will be Punished

Good news to everyone: the hotline 911 calls are now free to four (4) telecommunications companies. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) made the announcement yesterday, August 8, 2019, that outgoing calls to the Philippine government’s 911 emergency hotline are going to be free. Which telecommunication providers are included? As per the DILG, […]

Sotto Looks to Exempt Public School Teachers From Income Tax

Teachers are among one of the most noble professions yet, here in the country, most of them are underpaid. Senate President Vicente (Tito) Sotto III looks to remove the requirement of public school teachers to pay income taxes. As we all know, income taxes can be a bit of a burden not just for teachers, […]

PSA’s PhilSys Registry Office is Looking For Members of the Pilot Registration

As we all know, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is a combination of many agencies and offices. One of which is the PhilSys Registry Office (PRO). Currently, they are on the call looking for individuals who are qualified to be members of the Pilot Registration of the National ID System. They are on the hunt […]

MMDA Wants to Cut the Number of Buses by Half

We’ve all hear the promise of our dearest President Rodrigo Duterte about him improving the flow of traffic in the infamous EDSA. He said that he can cut the travel time to just five (5) minutes. Along with this, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) imposed a bus ban in EDSA. They said that they’re […]

The PSA is Hiring Now: There Are 325 Vacancies

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the combination of the National Statistics Office (NSO), the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), and the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS). The PSA is the body of the government tasked to be the central statistical regulatory board. Their main goal is […]

The Philippine Navy is Looking For a Researcher/Data Analyst

Have you ever yearned to work for the Philippine Navy but you’re not confident with your physicality? Well, this is the perfect timing. The Philippine Navy is on the look for a Researcher/Data Analyst to be a part of their team. Do not worry because in this article, we will be guiding you on what […]