DOH Hiring: Job Vacancies of the DOH

The Department of Health (DOH), being the executive body of the PH government in relation to access to public healthcare, it’s evident that a lot of people would love to work with them. In a previous article, we informed you of the E-jobs or the online platform of job vacancies from the Health Department. Read: […]

DOH E-Jobs: Find Out Job Vacancies of the DOH

The Department of Health (DOH) is one of the primary executive departments of the Philippine government. They are mainly responsible for the public’s assurance of access to quality and basic health care. Some of our countrymen look to secure jobs and professions with the DOH and fortunately, the DOH is not full all of the […]

The Anti-Hospital Deposit Law to Make Hospitals Treat Emergency Services Without Down Payment

Have you ever encountered a case where someone you know gets into an emergency and the hospital won’t act if no down payment is presented? Well, good news for everyone because the Republic Act (R.A.) 10932 or the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law states that in serious and emergency cases, it is unlawful for medical clinics and/or […]