K12 Pinoy Graduates Are Qualified to Apply as Cabin Crew or a Flight Attendant

Many Filipinos dream of working as a tourism specialist—to work for an airlines company or in an airplane. Since this is the case, many people take on the tourism side to be able to work in the tourism industry. Good news because K12 Pinoy graduates are qualified to be a part of the cabin crew […]

High School Graduates Can Now Apply as a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are part of the few most wanted professions by most Filipinos—both men and women. It is part of the career paths that is taken because of the fact that working won’t just be fun because you will be on an airplane, it’s also a good opportunity to be able to travel all over […]

Frequently Asked Questions for Aspiring Flight Attendants

Taking up a job in the flight industry is rewarding. Other than the fact that you get to fly while on the job, it is a profession that pays well. We are not talking about aircraft engineers, pilots, and the like, we are talking about the other heroes in this kind of scenario – cabin […]