How Much do Politicians and Government Officials Earn?

Just recently, the national elections was seen to a close with many people satisfied with the results. But why do a lot of people in all previous industries want to enter politics? It’s not about just public service, believe me so it really begs to formulate the question why they’re eager enough to enter politics. […]

2019 Salary Grade of UP Professors and Admins

Who says that studying cannot make you earn a lot of money? Although this deems to be untrue in some places, it somehow contradicts some schools and some institutions. The University of the Philippines (UP) is considered as one of the best schools in the country and working as a professor in this institution can […]

Current Regional Daily Minimum Wage Updates in All Regions

Let’s talk about good stuff now; let’s talk about wages. Good news! Because the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced updates on salary through the current regional daily minimum wage rates for both agriculture and non-agriculture workers. This update, which was posted just last November 2018, is currently being observed and employees can now […]