PSA’s PhilSys Registry Office is Looking For Members of the Pilot Registration

As we all know, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is a combination of many agencies and offices. One of which is the PhilSys Registry Office (PRO). Currently, they are on the call looking for individuals who are qualified to be members of the Pilot Registration of the National ID System. They are on the hunt […]

Ayala Plans on Building a Cancer-Dedicated Hospital

Ayala has been one of the biggest and the most successful corporations in our country. Since the 1900s, they have been deemed as the family whose roots can be traced back to when earlier ancestors were fighting over land and titles—and they were just sitting back enjoying. Read: The Anti-Hospital Deposit Law to Make Hospitals […]

Boracay Signages Will be Filled With Baybayin Text

Have you ever been to Boracay? Have you witnessed the before and after version of it? A lot of people were thrilled to see how the new island of Boracay looked like after its rehabilitation. In addition to that, Boracay also is a main attraction to foreign tourists because of the stores and amenities that […]