Classic Savory Hiring in Manila, Rizal, Quezon City and More!

Classic Savory has proven their capabilities and strengths by staying and battling in the fast food market. This goes to show that they can compete and that they are a stable but a lucrative company. Good news to all people who look to work with Classic Savory; they are currently hiring! So if you’ve ever […]

Japan Will Now Start to Accept Filipino Language Teachers

Japan is among the most famous countries most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) work in. Just recently, Japan made the announcement that they are accepting tens of thousands of caregivers to work for their aging country. Read: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is Looking For Information Officers Just yesterday, the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines […]

More Jobs for Filipinos by More Foreign Investments

One of the main culprits of poverty in the country is the lack of jobs. Well, there are thousands of available jobs but the opportunity is presented only to those who are qualified. In that context, the Philippine government gave the assurance to everyone that they are committing to have better and more jobs through […]