Duterte to Gov’t Offices: Simplify or I Will K!ll You

Our dear President’s fourth (4th) State of the Nation Address (SONA), he directed and made his comments about government offices having slow services and certifications. He clearly said that he wanted to see drastic changes on how government offices operate and threatened them, as per the President, if they “do not get their act together.” […]

President Rodrigo Duterte Said He Wants an OFW Department

Have you ever worked abroad? Did you experience the hassle and the thrill of working and serving another country? If you did, then you probably got in via a recruiter; either a local one or the ones that you have to find abroad. Read: Foreigners Would be Required to Present a TIN Before They Get […]

Cayetano is Looking For Longer Terms For Lawmakers

Alan Peter Cayetano, one of the speakership candidates and Taguig City-Pateros Representative, announced to fellow lawmakers that extending the terms of Congressional Representatives is a practical thing to do. During a meeting with 30 different legislators last Wednesday, July 10th, 2019, at a Taguig City Conference Hall, he said that he is willing to extend […]

End of Endo Act, Approved by the Senate

One of the main fears of Filipino workers is that their contract will expire. This is true especially for workers who work in an unstable industry. So, the action of the Philippine government in accordance to that is to help workers feel safe and secure of their tenurity to their company. Read: Tobacco Tax Hike, […]