Sotto Looks to Exempt Public School Teachers From Income Tax

Teachers are among one of the most noble professions yet, here in the country, most of them are underpaid. Senate President Vicente (Tito) Sotto III looks to remove the requirement of public school teachers to pay income taxes. As we all know, income taxes can be a bit of a burden not just for teachers, […]

Bill That Seeks to Increase Public School Teachers’ Salaries, Filed by Senators

A lot of heat has been cooking up about the plans to increase public school teachers’ salaries not being actioned by the Philippine government. As a matter of fact, teachers pointed out that the campaign of the Duterte Administration is not acting upon their campaign promise of having this as a priority. However, according to […]

President Rodrigo Duterte Assures All Teachers’ Pay Increase is on His Plans

Just recently, the topic of teacher’s pay hike in the past years have been brought up. It has been discussed that since the year 2000, the salaries of teachers are continually increasing. Now, President Rodrigo Duterte and the Malacañang Palace gave the assurance that they are in favor of having all teachers’ pay increased. Read: 100% […]

100% Increase in Teachers’ Salaries in 10 Years

Teachers are the most noble of professions because if it’s not for them, there won’t be professionals who know basic attitude. Here in the country, though, teachers aren’t paid off very well. In fact, there are a lot more professions that pay more than what teachers earn. Recently public school teachers had some sort of […]