Party-list Member Filed Bill to Have Faster and Better Internet Connection in the Country

1-Pacman party-list representative Mikee Romero just filed House Bill 185 which looks to establish a complete and organized broadband control and management framework for the country’s internet connection.

Faster and Better Internet Connection Bill in the Philippines, Filed by a Lawmaker

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What is the House Bill 185?

In simpler terms, House Bill 185 or would be known as the National Broadband Development Act, is the measure proposed that looks to give a more efficient, faster, and better internet connection.

This is feasible by providing a more effective information and communication technology (ICT) as well as better broadband services in the whole country. In particular, this proposed measure will look at everything, including the underserved and unserved areas in the Philippines.

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House Bill 185 has complete intention to develop and create necessary infrastructure to be able to provide and enhance the internet speed in the Philippines, overall.

“Prioritize and provide suitable tools”

In his explanatory note/speech, Romero said that the country needs to see and look at the fact that it needs to give out faster and better internet connection to its people and that this can be done by enhancing and innovating the needed infrastructure.

The state recognizes that it is imperative to prioritize and provide the suitable tools and means to make way for the needed infrastructure to interconnect government agencies and consolidate numerous agency data centers that can provide services such as cloud computing web hosting and server colocation.”

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In addition to that, the bill that offers to impose a faster and better internet connection in the country also has under it, that the government shall establish and expand the ICT infrastructure to promote the continuity of ICT-broadband services to both give aid and support the economic objectives of the Philippine government.

How slow is the country’s average internet connection?

Mobile internet speed

As many Filipinos know, the Philippines’ average internet connection speed is ranked as one of the worst. In fact, as per the last Speedtest Global Index, their study has shown that the Philippines was ranked 103rd over a total of 139 surveyed countries.

The average internet connection speed (mobile internet download) is at 15.06 megabytes per second (mbps). It is twice as slow as the global average of 26.12 mbps.

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If you think that it’s just fair game, think again. Syria, as we may all know, is currently in war; their internet connection speed is at 19.48 mbps and Zimbabwe, one African country, had a registered speed of 15.2 mbps.

The fastest mobile internet speed, as per the study, was Norway, having a mobile download speed of 67.54 mbps on average. This country is then followed by South Korea, the Netherlands, Canada, and Qatar.

Fixed internet connection

Not just that, the Philippines was also ranked to be part of the slowest; we were ranked 101st out of the surveyed 179 countries. Our average fixed-line internet speed was seen at 19.51 mbps which is almost three (3) times slower than the global average of 57.91 mbps.

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So, it is quite evident that House Bill 185’s measure to impose a faster and better internet connection all over the country is just right.

According to Romero, he hopes that House Bill 185 is going to be effective to assure everyone of their capability to access quality universal information.

To ensure universal access to quality services, promote the development and widespread use of emerging new ICT technologies, and to ensure the availability and accessibility of services in all areas.”

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Overall, the proposed measure that seeks faster and better internet connection is good not just for the use of both public and private consortiums and households; it’s also good because the bill intends to promote the utilization of modern ICT base technologies and mechanisms for the development of key public services as well as the fostering of the election procedures of the whole country.

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What do you think about House Bill 185’s measure for a faster and better internet connection in the whole country? Could this greatly aid Filipinos in terms of careers, education, and overall sociology? Can faster and better internet connection be good for the country’s economy?

Source: The Philippine Star (PhilStar)

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